About the Hub

A community creative space.

The Newstead Arts Hub is a community-run arts space situated in a renovated railway station in Newstead, Victoria. We host exhibitions, community events and workshops. We have multiple gallery spaces, a workshop room, a garden, outdoor platform and event spaces. Our mission is to engage with the local community and visitors from the wider region.

From a disused railway station to a thriving arts hub.

The transformation of the Newstead Railway Station was the result of passionate work by our local community members. In 2013 the project was identified as a priority in the Newstead Community Plan, and with funding from the VicTrack Community Vacant Use Program, the station was restored in 2015.

In restoring and reusing the railway station, the ambitious vision of the Newstead community has become a reality. The Hub is now a creative, economic and social focal point for the community.

Our supporters.

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About the Arts Hub

Committee of Management

The Newstead Arts Hub is auspiced by Newstead 2021 Inc. Our Committee of Management is a sub-committee of Newstead 2021.

Current CoM membership 2018-19:

  • Julie Patey 0408 528 536
  • Prue McAdam 0428 391 707
  • Geoff Park 0418 138 632
  • Chris Johnston 0418 512 471
  • Milton Moss
  • Richard Stewart

We meet monthly at the Arts Hub: anyone is welcome to our committee meetings to offer suggestions, raise concerns, or simply listen in on proceedings.

New committee members are always welcome: just fill in the nomination form:
2018 Nomination Form, Newstead Arts Hub

There are also lots of great volunteers roles: helping with exhibitions, creating our garden, helping with communications and more.

Role and responsibilities

The role and responsibilities of the Newstead Arts Hub Committee of Management are to:

  • Provide good governance in accordance with state & federal laws.
  • Implement and review the Strategic Plan – click here to download
  • Work with the community of Newstead and surrounds to encourage participation in the life of the Arts Hub
  • Negotiate with MAS over matters concerning the conditions of the sublease.
  • Oversee the day to day operation of the facility, including ensuring it is maintained in a safe and proper condition.
  • Operate the facility in a financially, environmentally and socially sustainable way.

The committee comprises people with a diversity of skills and capabilities, covering areas including the arts, business and community development, financial management, marketing and promotion, and sustainability. Importantly, it involves local individuals with the passion and drive to contribute to the success of this exciting local arts and community projec

Working Together

A Working Together protocol was developed in 2017 which resolved that the NRAH Committee will – in working together as a Committee and in our relationships with the wider community:

  • endeavour to treat each person with respect, listen with care, and be open to different ideas
  • work with honesty and integrity towards our common goals
  • value diversity
  • seek to be inclusive and collaborative in our decision-making
  • communicate with care, try to avoid being defensive, and seek out mutually beneficial outcomes, especially when tensions and conflicts arise, as they inevitably will
  • help and support each other so that we can each contribute fully to the work of the Committee and the Arts Hub.

Creating the Arts Hub garden

During 2017 a concept design was developed for the NAH grounds by Anna and Cassia Read of Emerging Landscapes.

Design Intent
This welcoming and beautiful garden will ease a transition into the Arts Hub and offer spaces for community celebration and quiet reflection. The design and plant selection honour the layers of history and link the garden to the Loddon River and the historic township of Newstead. Providing refuge and feeding the senses, the garden will nurture artists and the arts. Ever-evolving, wildlife friendly and resilient, it will be a joy for all.
The overall design has four distinct zones, lending itself to staging of construction as funding becomes available. These broad zones are:
1) Welcome entry and transition to an arts space;
2) Grassy swards and indigenous crops;
3) Community celebration and shady refuge; and
4) Fire circle and Ironbark stand.

Click here to download the concept outline

Funding and grants

Funding the Arts Hub

The Arts Hub is funded through our exhibitions and events, sponsorship from our Friends and grants. An initial grant of $5000 kicked us off well! Since then we have applied for a number of grants – some successful, some not.

Here are some of the grants we have applied for:

  1. Regional Arts Victoria: Small Towns Transformations (2013) – The project will use art as a transformative tool to link the Newstead community, revitalise a public utility of architectural, historical and aesthetic value and provide a focus for practising artists, the wider community and visitors from further afield. Click here to view the proposal.
  2. VicTrack – Community Vacant Use Program (2014) – This is the proposal that led to the successful restoration of the former Newstead Railway Station. Click here to view the proposal.
  3. Regional Arts Victoria, Victoria Regional Arts Fund Project Grants Round 2, 2015: Visioning Newstead (2015) – The Newstead Railway Arts Hub is a new community space created through the recent restoration of the former Newstead Railway Station. A consortium of local community groups is working together to develop the station and surrounds as a vibrant creative gathering place – where art can be practised, appreciated and celebrated, and as a focal point for the local artistic community. The project will support a series of six events during 2016, with local artists using a diverse range of art forms, to engage the wider community in exploring the ‘sense of place’ and creative possibilities emerging around
    the Hub. Click here to view the proposal. Unfortunately we were unsuccessful with our application but hope to pursue other avenues to secure funding for this idea.
  4. In December 2015 we applied for an Australian Government Community Volunteer Grant. Click here to view the proposal.

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